That will run for ages in high density salt and chemical environment

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4 DAF types you meet on market

Stainless Steel Duplex


Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance


UV stable


Wide range of working temps

Duplex is too expensive in production

Production takes 3 months

Heavy weight increases the costof trasporting fees

Fiber Glass


Acceptable chemical and excellent corrosion resistance


UV stable



Production takes 2.5 months

Outer color degrades over time due to UV radiation



Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance


Quite cheap transporting


Production takes 2 months

Can't be used outdoors. Tank totally degrades within 3–5 years under UV radiation

SS 316


UV stability


Wide working temps

Can't be used in high density
chemical and corrosion
environment. Totally degrades within 3 years and requires purchasing a new unit

So Flotlife designed DAF series F

That combines the best features

Lightweight as Fiberglass. This feature reduces transporting costs.

Outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance as SS Duplex. It will run for ages without degrading.

2 months production time as PolyPropelene DAF.

UV stable as SS Duplex or SS 316. Can be placed in and outdoors.

Wide working temps like SS Duplex.

Cheapest production than any other. You save at least 30%.

Developed for water treatment facilities with high density of


Salts · Acids · Alkalis

Alcohols · Various solvents · Fats



Oils · Waxes

DAF flotation tank

Made from non-metal materials — HD PE (high density polyethylene)

Used in the production of plastic bottles, corrosion-resistant piping, geomembranes and plastic lumber

High weldability to each other 

High tensile trength

High impact strength

Low cost

Solvent resistant. Corrosive and chemical free

Tempeture working range
-50 to +80 °C

UV protected. Can be used
in- and outdoors

Cheap and faster in production than steel tank

vs 1 day

7 days

100 %

guaranteed weld

Density – 940 kg/m³

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With a quotation you recieve:

Reasonable calculations


Technical data

And you would say 

TWICE as strong as stainless steel

Corrosive free

Yes. You're right. That's why we've designed special frame to hold the tank

Frame made of Super Duplex compound and totally resistant to corrosion. But it would be economically impractical to use pure Duplex so we've developed a special compound with AISI304 and Duplex. Price is the same as for a classic steel tank.

Pumps made from industrial plastic save up to 2'000 € per 2 years

Compared to classic centrifugal pump:


lower cost. Impeller is 3D-printed. It's much easier to produce it


less energy consumption with the same power

Steel impeller after 1 year of use in high chloride environment

Flotlife impeller running for 3 years in the same conditions

Scrappers made from industrial plastic

Corrosive and chemical free

10 times lighter than metal

80% power saving

As quite as a man whisper

DAF-F efficiency

Made from non-metal materials — HD PE (high density polyethylene)




Suspended solids


Organic pollution BOD


Organic pollution COD

Easy to integrate to existing system

Outsource connections can be placed in any direction

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20% less sludge volume with sludge dewatering grid and skimming process

Sludge dewatering grid


Framework of angled, steel plates provides small pockets of surface area that locks float sludge in its place as it reaches the water's surface


When the sludge has become thick enough to build up above the grid plates, the skimmer blades begin pushing them toward the sludge ramp for removal 


This float material self-dewaters before leaving the DAF tank. It results 20% drier sludge up to 20% reduced volume for disposal

Sludge Skimming Process

Wastewater enters the tank on the left side and exits out the right. As a layer of sludge begins to form at the water's surface, the skimmer blades are going to push the sludge in а counter-current skimmer folds the sludge in the opposite direction, from right to left


Sludge full of water


Less water in sludge

Need a specific wastewater flow? Or limited in space?

We design any custom solutions

Real world cases

350'000 Euros saved by fish productions in Vietnam

5 facilities located close to the ocean shore were equipped with stainless steel DAF units. Salty water and high salty moistore inside the facility totally degraded steel DAF within 3 years.

That could led to a repeat purchase of DAF for each facility and 70'000 Euros loss per each every 3 years.

DAF-F with PEHD tank completely solved the problem.


50 m³/h

Industrial dump


Facility treats complex industrial effluents with super corrosive and chemical reagents.

20 m³/h

Fish production


Facility uses high density ferric chloride to treat wastewater.

15 m³/h

Bakery production / Fazer


Partner requested lightweight DAF to install into basement. Standard steel unit was not an option as it's too heavy to place it inside.

25 m³/h

Milk production factory


Facility wastewater contains high density fats. They would cleang to steel tank. PEHD tank excludes this possibility.

20 m³/h

City dump


Toxic wastewater with high density of magnesium, arkady, mercury. Facility uses strong oxidants and requested DAF resistant to them.

20 m³/h

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SAVE up to 50% in-situ construction

DAF delivered pre-assembled in containers

Large models divided in 2 parts easy to connect

Requires 30% less concrete base

DAF equipped with supports that distribute the weight.

Easy to adjust the alignment

Place in place with just two men

Wheels on bottom of the DAF make unloading process fast and doesn't require any special equipment like loader.

And doesn't require any equipment to place DAF on it's place.

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What's included

Full project design will all the calculation

3D model

Manual with detailed
assembly process

Packaging and shipping preparation

Save 18'000 € per year
with connected DAF

This is Rowan. (That's a real case but we couldn't place Rowan's photo). He maintained (now he is fired) wastewater treatment facility 8 hours per day 7 days per week.

Operation laboring cost for Rowan is approx. 1'500 € per month. That's 18'000 € per year.

And Rowan is human. He noticed that coagulant has not been dosed for at least 1 week. The water hasn't been treated

That mistake cost our partner 10'000 € fine.


This is a connected DAF. The remote control system maintains same the Rowan did. 24 hours 7 days per week.


Operating laboring cost 200 € per month. Or 2'400 € per year.


Connected DAF is an AI, algorithm. It reads data from the all the sensors integrated in the whole treatment facility. DAF will alert if something is out of normal status.


It excludes the human factor and ensures that it will run like a Swiss watch.

Integrate the whole treatment facility to DAF
with remote control and monitoring system


Flotation status and alerts real-time dashboard


Availiable on desktop or mobile devices


Control and stabilize flotation process before it gets out of control


Access to historical data offers enhanced insight for better decision making


Replacement of maintenance workforce by a smart system reduces WWT operational costs

About Flotlife

AquaTech Amsterdam.
World's leading exhibition for process, drinking & wastewater 

We design, manufacture, assemble and deliver decentralized wastewater treatment systems as tailor-made turnkey solutions that fulfill the highest environmental requirements, are modular, and can be scaled in pace with growing volumes.

From our experience, we are convinced that it is important for modern companies to implement wastewater treatment solutions that combine less environmental impact with energy efficiency, operational cost savings, fast system installation and launch, and easy maintenance.


Wastewater treatment solutions delivered by FlotLife successfully combine industry standard products of our trusted partners and FlotLife’s own manufactured equipment.

Each wastewater treatment plant implementation project is unique, so having our own manufacturing factory allows us to adapt the equipment to different spaces, sizes of premises, placement specifics, wastewater flow rates and other specific customer needs.

In our manufacturing plant we produce such equipment as:

  • rotary screen filter systems
  • balancing tanks
  • coagulant and flocculant reactors
  • flotation units
  • polymer preparation and dosing units
  • advanced oxidation process units
  • sludge dewatering presses
  • etc.


years of experience


projects launched


countries use our products

Production based in Latvia

Shipping worldwide by land and sea

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